A downloadable game for Windows

Newly installed with the HIVE MIND CHIP, you'll set out on a short adventure to turn off the RX-GENERATOR deep within Dr. Solveki's Lab.

This was made for Weekly Game Jam 113 (Sept. 12, 2019) and it's my first complete project. It was a lot of fun to make :)

LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS or "A" and "D" to move left and right.

UP ARROW KEY or "W" to climb ladders, go through doors, and interact with other objects.

DOWN ARROW KEY or "S" to check the clock and move through dialogue boxes. (Or HOLD to self-destruct.)

"F" toggles fullscreen.

Install instructions

Normal zip file! Just extract and open the game to start.


Solveki.zip 18 MB

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